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Main Enterprises

1.Athletic Lifestyle Promotion

(1) Regional Sports Support Enterprise Implementation

*Strengthening the cooperative relationship with district sports associations
*Creating a unified system to offer support for regional sports clubs
*Headhunting, personnel development, and human resources

(2) Sporting Event Hosting

*Yokohama Sports World
*Yokohama Sports & Recreation Festival
*Enjoy Sports Enterprises (city sports education center)

(3) Sawayaka Sports Programming

2.Competitive Sports Promotion

(1) Sports Tournament Hosting

*Intra-city sports tournaments
*Yokohama Marathon
*City fitness events and city “Masters” sports events
*Yokohama Beach Volleyball Tournament
*Inter-district social sports tournaments

(2) Athlete Dispatch and Participation in Sporting Events

*Kanagawa Prefecture Combined Physical Fitness Tournament
*Inter-municipal “Kanagawa Ekiden” Tournament

(3) International Sporting Event Hosting Support

*2009 Yokohama Ping Pong World Championship
*2009 Yokohama International Triathlon

3.Sports Educator Training Program Implementation

(1) City of Yokohama Sports & Recreation Human Resources Development Conference

(2) Competitive Sports Educator Training Seminar

(3) Educator Improvement Enterprises

(4) Senior Citizens’ Sports Educator Training Seminar Enterprises

4.Juniors’ Sports Promotion

(1) Sports Kids Group Support

(2) Juniors’ Athlete Training Enterprises

(3) Youth Physical Fitness Improvement Program Support

5.Healthy Living Promotion

(1) Seniors’ Health Support

(2) Asthmatic Youth Health Enterprises

6.Sports Promotion Fund Management

(1) Yokohama Sports Promotion Fund

(2) World Cup Finals Memorial Fund

7.Affiliate Program Assistance
8.Sports Medicine Promotion
9.Sports-Related Investigative Research
10.Sports Facility Operations and Management

(1) Yokohama City Sports Centers (17 locations)

(2) Yokohama City Hiranuma Memorial Gymnasium

(3) Yokohama City Children Center (2 locations)

(4) Yokohama City Youth Outdoor Activity Center (4 locations)

(5) Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

(6) Shin-Yokohama Park (Nissan Stadium, Nissan Waterpark, etc.)

(7) Yokohama City Sports Medicine Center

(8) Outdoor Pools (2 locations)

(9) Indoor Pools (6 locations)

(10) Tsurumi River Rowboat Marina

(11) Tennis Garden (3 locations)

(12) Yokohama Minato Mirai Sports Park

11.Sports Information Collection and Distribution

(1) Sports Information Enterprise Expansion

*Yokohama Sports Information Web Site (
*Information Services for Sports Facilities, Clubs, Groups, Educators, Events, and Seminars

(2) Sports Information Magazine Publication

12.Community-Building and Commendation Enterprises

(1) “New Year Gathering Of Athletes” Event Hosting

(2) Sports Figure Commendation Enterprises