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Sports Association Introdution

Today’s Yokohama Amateur Sports Association, Inc. exists as the successor to the original Yokohama Amateur Sports Association, established in 1929. The Association emerged as an incorporated foundation in 1986 with the help of a host of affiliate programs, including track-and-field clubs, baseball groups, and other specific sports associations, district sports clubs from each of Yokohama’s city districts, and school athletics programs. Our goal as a Yokohama city auxiliary organization is to work in tandem with an affiliation of 71 other groups to help nurture the development of a healthy mind and body in all of Yokohama’s citizens, and to promote a positive, rich lifestyle for everyone living in the city.

In April of 2007, we merged with the Yokohama Sports Promotion Corporation (dissolved in March of 2007). Our combined organization will begin activity as a new sports association, offering additional services like the operation and management of sports centers and other athletic facilities and the distribution of fitness information, while continuing to offer existing YSPC services aimed at promoting an athletic lifestyle and competitive sport participation.

As Yokohama’s new city sports association, we’re responsible for more than just promoting competitive sports and encouraging the growth of talented athletes who can inspire their community. Our mandate extends to supporting programs which focus on the physical development of the children of Yokohama, or on public health and physical fitness. It is our mission to enable and facilitate a complete spectrum of fitness activities to allow the people of our city to enjoy sports easily and conveniently, with friends or alone, anytime and anywhere.